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Brides of Ollichon - Emma and Roxy

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We always love to meet a Bride to be into our world of House of Ollichon, but to have two beautiful women both keen to wear our pieces for their big day together, was amazing!  Emma wore the Stevenson skirt with the Stevenson top and Roxy wore the Lowry jumpsuit

How long have you been together?

We’ve been together for a little over five years.

Who proposed to who?

Roxanne proposed to Emma on a tiny island called Koh Nok in Thailand. The only other people on the island were our chef (it was a private dining experience) and longtail-boat driver. After Roxanne popped the question and Emma said yes, the driver brought over a sky lantern that we released together over Phang Nga Bay.

Where did you get married?

We had our ceremony at Burgh House, a beautiful, historic house just off Hampstead Heath.

What was your inspiration to go dress-less?

Neither of us ever wear dresses. Roxanne knew she wanted to wear a jumpsuit even before we started planning our wedding, and Emma was set on a skirt and top combo. When Roxanne’s sister Natalie found House of Ollichon online, we were so excited to have found somewhere that did both, and loved the idea of wearing outfits from the same collection.

How did you both feel in your outfits?

Amazing. Fabulous. Elegant. But also totally ourselves—and like we should dress like this more often.

Best buy?

I mean it has to be the outfits.

Biggest surprise?

The day was full of surprises. We hadn’t asked anyone to prepare speeches, but after lunch several people stood up and gave gorgeous, heart-felt, and totally unexpected speeches. One extra-special moment was when our friend Estelle whipped out her ukelele (she lives near the reception venue and slipped home to get it on a whim) and performed Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Did anything not go to plan?!

Surprisingly everything went to plan.

Best moment?

This is so hard as the whole day was just the most fun ever. But, if we do have to pick—aside from the actual ceremony itself—it would be the very end of the night. The last song (Bowie’s Starman) started playing and we found ourselves spinning around, surrounded in a tight circle by all of our closest friends and family. We all sang our hearts out together and everyone was stomping their feet so hard. No joke we thought the floor was going to give way at one point.

What did you family and friends think about your outfits?

There wasn’t a single person who didn’t come up to us to say they loved our outfits.

Will you wear them again?

If the opportunity arises, absolutely. And we’ll definitely rock them again if we decide to renew our vows one day.

Testimonial about HoO

We both feel so lucky to have found House of Ollichon. It was the first and only place either of us looked for our outfits. The whole experience was so easy and relaxed, and Hannah is just so lovely (+ shout out to Hannah’s mum who is equally fabulous). It’s also clear that Hannah genuinely cares about making sure her brides find “the one” and feel their absolute best. We kind of want to do it all over again. *clinks Champagne glasses*

Photography by Lisa Devlin of Devlin Photos

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As all House of Ollichon pieces are handmade, from scratch for each individual bride-to-be, returns are not offered.