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Bride of Ollichon - Saskia

Posted by Abby Summerville on

Saskia | Classic in the Linford jumpsuit with a flower crown adding a boho vibe!

How long have you been together?

5 years

Who proposed to who? 

We both proposed to each other at the same time! On our 4 year anniversary away in Italy we clearly both had the same bright idea – it left us in hysterics and kind of proved that it was meant to be.

What was your inspiration to go dress-less? 

I’m not a big dress girl and I wanted to be the best version of myself on my wedding day, not pretending to be a fairy princess. I’m also quite short and felt like wearing a jumpsuit would be the most elegant I could look and still be able to dance!

How did you feel in your outfit? 

I was so comfortable and felt completely glamorous in it.

Best buy? 

Probably our flowers from Worm London – my flower crown was my absolute favourite .

Biggest surprise? 

A video all our friends made us for us to watch in the car on the way to the reception of everyone singing along to a song about us!

Did anything not go to plan?! 

Almost everything. Our venue had to be changed a few weeks before, we had a lot of last minute cancellations, but it was all completely perfect nonetheless.

Best moment? 

Singing ‘I’m A Believer’ by The Monkees all together at The Asylum in lieu of a more traditional hymn.

What did your wife, family and friends think of your jumpsuit? 

Everyone loved it, and thought it was very ‘me’.

Will you wear it again? 

I already did! The morning after because we lost the keys to our Airbnb on the night of the wedding so had to get a last minute hotel that evening at 2am! So bleary eyed, in yesterday’s make up and a few rogue flowers in our hair, me and my wife basically did the walk of shame through Shoreditch the next day hahaha!!


The best service and most gorgeous fitting piece – it’ll be the favourite thing I’ve ever worn for the rest of my life. 

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As all House of Ollichon pieces are handmade, from scratch for each individual bride-to-be, returns are not offered.