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Bride of Ollichon - Sarah

Posted by Abby Summerville on

Not one...not two, but THREE wedding outfits...two of them from House of Ollichon!  Sarah knows how to rock it in white and wore the Kay jumpsuit, Le Fay top and Torres trousers beautifully!

How long have you been together?

5 and a half years.

Who proposed to who? 

Matthew proposed to me, but we had many conversations about getting married, and even the type and preferred brand of ring, so it was very much expected and planned together!

What was your inspiration to go dress-less? 

I knew I didn't want a traditional white wedding- as a feminist, it felt important to me to think about how I could nod to tradition, but evolve it in a way that chimed with my values. I am also a jumpsuit fanatic, so it seemed obvious from the start that I would end up in one!

How did you feel in your outfit? 

I felt great- really comfortable, and most importantly, I felt like myself, albeit a more glamorous (and much more monochrome) version of myself.

Best buy?

For me, the flowers were an incredible extravagance, but one that I couldn't have done it without. I wanted to create a really full, blowsy and bright look to go with the different venues, and the ideas and final plans that Worm London came back with completely blew me away. It felt so indulgent to spend on something that is literally going to wither away, but they were without question my favourite part of my wedding.

Biggest surprise? 

When we were giving our speeches at the Friday night dinner, we were suddenly hit by a spray from a hose in a neighbour's garden- evidently, a peril of having a wedding party at home in the garden that we hadn't accounted for.

Did anything not go to plan?! 

Just before we walked down the aisle, Matthew revealed that he had lost my mobile phone. Of course, it didn't matter (and was later found) but it was a very stressful revelation and slightly discombobulated me! It is now one of my abiding wedding memories :)

Best moment? 

It's such a cliche, but being surrounded by family, in my parents' beautiful garden, was a moment I will treasure. I also loved making a speech, and even more enjoyed Matthew's speech where he absolutely rinsed me.

What did everybody think about your outfit? 

They loved it. In fact, many of my friends wore jumpsuits at the wedding party, in homage!

Will you wear it again? 

I will definitely wear the 2 piece again- I've already worn the trousers for another person's wedding and will wear the full get up for a late wedding lunch that my in-laws will host in September.


The service I received from House of Ollichon was unparalleled- when I had a bit of a meltdown about the sizing of my outfits, Hannah calmed me down, and held my hand through the alterations, which made me convinced I was going to end up with some absolutely beautiful pieces- which I did!

Photography by Joanna Brown

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