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Bride of Ollichon - Lucy

Posted by Hannah Ollichon on

What a stunning wedding, bringing together two very creative themes; India and a fairground. Thank you for rocking the Le Fay on your special day Lucy.

How long have you been together? 

We met when I was 17 and Tom was 19 at a children's theme park where we were both working in the catering department flipping burgers and serving ice cream. We were best buds until NYE 2009 when we finally realised we should start dating. We've been together seven and a half years now.

Who proposed to who? 

Tom proposed to me. We were on a beach walk in Suffolk trying to beat each other in a game of 'Find the most interesting thing on the beach'. Tom bent down and said 'I think I've found a winner, look at this one' and held up the most gorgeous ring made by Melanie Casey (I'd always wanted a ring that was 100% ethical and sustainably made) - I thought he'd just found a ring on the ground so was really annoyed that he'd won the game, until it finally clicked, and I said yes!

Where did you get married? 

We got married at Preston Court in Kent. The team who run it are total babes who can make a disorganised bride feel completely in control AND it's such a beautiful venue complete with carousel, gypsy caravan and peacocks. We asked the amazingly talented Events Decorator Tiggi Forbes to do our decorations - themed around the theme park we met in and India where we used to live. She did our flowers also and everything was as brilliantly bonkers as we'd imagined it.

What was your inspiration to go dress-less? 

Neither Tom or I are conventional people - we love to be relaxed and set a tone of fun with what we wear and how we act. I was so aware that a formal dress wouldn't make me feel myself - I love a dance, a glass of fizz and stuffing my face, so I wanted to wear something that would let me feel free and informal, but still stylish and beautiful.

How did you feel in your outfit? 

The very best version of myself. I felt cool, sophisticated, stylish, free, comfortable and THE POCKETS MY GAWD they were like a built in comfort blanket! The outfit really empowered me to feel calm and take in the whole day. I didn't have to make my Best Women shlep to the loo with me, and I could commit to the conga line with ease! We also had a full Indian meal as our wedding breakfast and I ate everything without worrying I wouldn't be able to breathe afterwards. We had temp tattoos as our wedding favours and the two-piece meant I could decorate my tummy - every Bride's dream, surely?

Best buy? (doesn't have to be your HoO outfit!) 

I think it was a combination of my House of Ollichon outfit and my personalised veil by Hermione de Paula. As a female entrepreneur I felt so proud to be showcasing the work of two incredibly talented female creatives.

Biggest surprise? 

Our wedding cake was a surprise from our good friend Emily who is a chef and caterer for Emily Eats. We didn't know anything about it until the day and it was insanely jaw-dropping and delicious. It was such a good idea to keep it as a surprise as it made it even more special for Tom and I.

Did anything not go to plan?

It was damn cold! But luckily we had lots of fizz and an amazing wedding band to warm us up!

Best moment? 

Gah so many. I think walking in with my Dad and seeing everyone I loved in one place with Tom standing at the front was probably the best bit for me. I entered to Primal Scream and saw my Best Women go before me - they rocked it so much on the entrance that it got the party started immediately!

What did you family and friends think about your outfit? 

Loved it! The outfit got rave reviews and I was especially chuffed that Tom liked it as he is completely sartorially uninterested, but he actually noticed that it was a unique outfit had lots of questions about it. What a win!

Will you wear it again? 

Absolutely - it's way too gorgeous to be boxed up and forgotten. If this isn't blasphemy - I think I'm going to dye it a pretty blush pink so I can wear it to weddings in the future. It's just such a cool style it's perfect for so many different occasions.


The Le Fay two piece was honestly the first outfit I looked at to wear at my wedding and I fell in love instantly - one of my Best Women sent a link of it to me and I showed my Mum immediately who said it was perfection and completely right for me. I booked a slot at one of the House of Ollichon Hoxton Hotel Try-On sessions and my gals and I had the most fun trying on outfits over a glass of fizz. I felt so relaxed and cheered-on by Hannah, her Mum and my gals - it was the ultimate wedding outfit trying on experience. My heart sobs for Brides going to snooty fittings that they feel uncomfortable at! I was also so happy to be supporting an independent business - our emails felt personal, I knew Hannah was invested in making sure I was completely satisfied with my choice and the detail of the finished piece was exquisite. Couldn't recommend House of Ollichon enough!

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