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Bride of Ollichon - Helen

Posted by Abby Summerville on

Helen and Shaun had two unwelcome attendees on the day of their wedding....Storm Emma and the Beast from the East...yet still had the most incredible day, proving that if it's meant to be, it will be!

How long have you been together? 

10 years this October.

Who proposed to who? 

Neither of us! We kept having conversations about getting married as it was getting onto 9 years together. We finally made the decision to do it while eating fried chicken burgers at Byron Burger in Richmond, as guacamole dripped down my hand…!

Where did you get married? 

Ceremony was at Orleans House Gallery in Twickenham, followed by a boat down the Thames to The Wharf Restaurant in Teddington.

What was your inspiration to go dress-less? 

I have never seen a wedding dress I’d like to wear, they never seemed very ‘me’. I wanted something light and easy to move in. I originally thought I wanted a two-piece until I spied the Linford. I am 6ft, and the samples are not made for my height, but even squeezed into it and hunched over I felt amazing. Both my bridesmaids and mum loved it even then, camel toe and all!

How did you feel in your outfit? 

Like a cross between David Bowie and Bianca Jagger (I wish!). I loved not going for the traditional look, I loved having something that reflected who I was.It was completely bespoke for my measurements (and height!), so it couldn’t have fitted better – I felt amazing, so comfortable and everyone commented how incredible it was and ‘so me’.

Best buy? 

We LOVED our photo booth, from The Photobooth Guys, and our florists at Gardenia really made the reception venue what it was. For me though it does have to be the jumpsuit. You can’t put a price on feeling and looking yourself on your wedding day, it was my favourite thing about the whole wedding.

Biggest surprise? 

I had a call the morning of the wedding from one of my oldest friends, Nicola, in tears saying that the weather meant she couldn’t make it down from the East Midlands. I was so sad she wouldn’t be there, but once we’d had the ceremony and went outside for photos I saw her face in the crowd and was completely gobsmacked. She said she’d cried all the way through breakfast and just decided to try and battle the snow on her own, leaving her young son with her husband and jumping in the car. She made my day.

Did anything not go to plan?! 

We got married on the day ‘Storm Emma’ met the ‘Beast from the East’!  For two days before I was getting calls and texts and emails from family who couldn’t make it down from the north because of the snow. But I managed to FaceTime my aunt on the dancefloor, and everyone who made it down kept everyone else updated. It was a lovely atmosphere! We almost had our photographer cancel as the weather was so bad for him, but amazingly he battled through and got to us as well, which we were thrilled about.

Best moment? 

Too many to choose from. Seeing and hearing how hard people tried to battle the elements to be with us on our day was amazing. My uncle and aunt travelled for over 8 hours from Newcastle to get to us, Shaun’s uni friends walked 3 miles in a blizzard from Leeds just to get to the bus to get to the train station, and my cousin got stuck in his car in Glasgow trying to get to us (he sadly didn’t make it to the wedding). Just seeing a room of people who have tried everything to get to see us made it is such a special feeling.

What did your family and friends think about your outfit? 

They loved it. They all knew I’d do something different to the big white bridal dress, a few thought I’d go with black (probably as that’s the main/only colour in my wardrobe), but I don’t think many were surprised that it was an unusual choice.

Will you wear it again? 

Absolutely, I just need the right occasion!


I cannot imagine what I would do if I had not found Hannah and House of Ollichon. From the first trying on session with my bridesmaids and my mum (we all came away saying how much we loved Hannah and how lovely she was), through the fitting process and to the final outfit, I could not have been happier, more relaxed and empowered with my decision. I trusted Hannah 100% knowing that the final product was going to be amazing. I was worried I would feel like I was playing dress up on my wedding day as I had never seen an outfit I would have felt myself in, until I saw Hannah’s things – she was the first and only outfit appointment I did. I would recommend (and have recommended!) House of Ollichon to anyone who wants to get married in something slightly out of the ordinary. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you look like ‘YOU’ on your wedding day, and an even better feeling know you look like ‘you’ but with the dial turned up to 100. Thank you!

Photography by Michael Clements at My Beautiful Bride

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