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Bride of Ollichon - Harriet

Posted by Abby Summerville on

This was a woman with a vision worth so much that she flew to see us twice from Switzerland!  Harriet loved two of our designs, so incorporated them into one!  The Clement / Kay hybrid!  

How long have you been together?

6 years. We met at a cross-country ski marathon in Switzerland, where I have lived since university.

Who proposed to who? 

Ueli proposed on top of a mountain, though for my feminist side I have to add that a couple of years ago we decided that if we were to get married, then he would be the one to propose.

Where was the wedding? 

Healey Barn in Northumberland, the place where I grew up. We wanted to show the Swiss side of the wedding what a ceilidh dance looks like!

What was your inspiration to go dress-less? 

I started wearing jumpsuits a lot recently, so it seemed like the natural choice for something a little different. I wanted something feminine but all of the bridal dresses online seemed too boring.

How did you feel in your outfit? 

Fantastic, once I had got over worrying that the wide trousers were a little 70s ABBA!

Best buy?

It has to be the jumpsuit, no competition!  We didn't buy a lot of other stuff, though the cake my sister made and the flowers grown and arranged by my mum were also stunning.

Biggest surprise? 

Ueli's speech. Many of my British friends don't know him so well, but he blew everyone away with a really touching and funny speech.  As one friend said, it was the first time they have ever seen me speechless, which was problematic as my speech was right after his!

Did anything not go to plan?! 

Of course not, it was half-Swiss organised!!

Best moment? 

Singing 'When I'm 64' with all the guests during the ceremony.  My parents are around 64 and celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year, so it was a nice reminder of where we will hopefully be in 30+ years time.

What did Ueli, your family and friends think about your outfit? 

It wasn't a surprise for anyone as I had blabbered about it for months. They all loved it, though when I added a leather jacket for the evening they did compare me to Sandy from Grease - I'm not complaining.

Will you wear it again? 

I'm pregnant so I think it will be a while before I fit in it again!  (Huge congrats Harriet!!)


House of Ollichon was the only bridal studio I wanted to visit, and the only one I did. I found at least four outfits I loved, especially the separates, but in the end I was torn between the fit of the Kay and the style of the Clement. I have loved the idea of a black waistband on a bridal outfit since I saw the Hangover (Hannah thought my inspiration was the slightly classier Amal Clooney!), but I wanted something that showed a bit more arms and neck. Hannah managed to merge the designs and we ended up with a gorgeous mix that was exactly what I was imagining. It was complicated further by the fact I live abroad, but Hannah managed to make it work with only one fitting. I highly recommend House of Ollichon!  A great, uncomplicated experience from start to finish.

Photography by Andy Turner

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