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Bride of Ollichon - Evelina

Posted by Abby Summerville on

We are kicking off 2019 with the fabulous wedding of Evelina and Clara!  

How long have you been together?

We have been together for just under 4.5 years, but we actually first met in October 2008. I was taking part in an exchange programme with the school Clara attended to (I'm Swedish and Clara's Spanish). We were each other's first love, but being in a long-distance relationship and so young didn't work out (Clara was 17 and I was turning 18). After I had lived in England for a few years and not spoken to Clara for a very long time, I went to visit mutual friends in Valencia (her city) in 2014 and we met each other again for the first time in 5 years - and it turned out the feelings hadn't gone anywhere! We actually got married almost exactly 10 years after our first kiss.

Who proposed to who?
I did! I was actually working for a online wedding ring store at the time I decided to propose so it was easy for me to sneak around designing the ring and planning the proposal. Clara had only really mentioned two things about an engagement; she wanted to be close to her family so she could tell them after the event, and she wanted a big black diamond - so I got her both! I proposed to her in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, a place that has significant memories both times we met for "the first time". We had a picnic and after some time I told her how much I love her and that I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life - and luckily she said yes!

She was so happy to be able to go back home to tell her best friend, (and maid of honour at the wedding), and her family face-to-face - I would never change a thing about the proposal or the timing!

Where did you get married?

We got married in the beautiful Worthing Dome, in the Whispering Gallery. The reception was held in the Main Lounge at the Dome and we were also able to take photos inside their beautiful, old-fashioned cinema!

What was your inspiration to go dress-less?
I've always been a tom-boy and have never had an interest in dresses, and although my style is not masculine I didn't want to end up being the bride in a suit. I thought a two piece would be great (nice trousers and a beautiful top), and that's when I started to find more and more photos of wedding jumpsuits which instantly made me change my mind.

How did you hear about House of Ollichon?

Finding a suitable outfit turned out to be a lot harder than expected, especially for a bride living in Brighton wanting something different. I thought at least one bridal shop would have a trouser option, but after contacting over 15 shops I had zero outfits to try on. Even though I specifically asked for a trouser outfit and that I would 100% not wear a dress, a lot of the shops came back offering me the "over 100 different dresses available at great prices" sales pitch. After a while, a few of the shops replied and told me to contact Hannah at House of Ollichon, so I did and I immediately booked an appointment!  (Evelina chose the Kay jumpsuit)

How did you feel in your outfit?
I felt like myself, which was my biggest worry before the big day.  I'm not a very fancy person, and I was about to marry a woman who has dreamed about this day for a long time. The jumpsuit I chose wasn't too tight, it wasn't too blingy and it wasn't too "out there". Instead it screamed ME and it had a low cut back which I knew my future wife was going to love!

Best buy? 
The honeymoon for sure... we loved having everyone over but the week leading up to the wedding was very busy and stressful so it was wonderful to have some time with just each other. We went off to Santorini for a week and it was BEAUTIFUL!

Biggest surprise?
How well the day actually went! We were super worried about communication issues during the day, as most of our guests had flown in from Sweden and Spain and not everyone could speak English, but in hindsight we had nothing to worry about! Our amazing toast masters, one from each family, helped us out massively with translating speeches and directing people to the right place during the day. We really couldn't ask for the day to have gone any better!

Did anything not go to plan?!
Not really! A small hiccup during the ceremony with me not actually being able to finish my vows because I was so emotional (I got there in the end), but apart from that the day went so well!

Best moment?
Our first-look before the ceremony. It was me and Clara, together with our families and bridesmaids. Being able to share that special moment with loved ones was the absolute best!

What did your other half, family and friends think about your outfit?
They all thought it was amazing and unique, and some said that they'd love to wear a jumpsuit instead of a dress when they get married!

Will you wear it again?
Definitely! We are planning on holding wedding parties in Sweden and Spain for family and friends who couldn't make it on the big day, and we've promised our grandparents to wear our outfits again for them.


House of Ollichon saved me from having to compromise on my wedding outfit! I was very sure from the start that I wouldn't be wearing a wedding dress, but I never knew how difficult it would be to find a trouser alternative - until I was recommended House of Ollichon.  From browsing the selection online, to being able to try the pieces on in the showroom, I received great service and advice!  There wasn't an overwhelming amount of pieces to choose between, which I really appreciated as I am so indecisive!  The Kay jumpsuit is absolutely beautiful and I'm hoping to convince friends and family to branch out and get something unique for their wedding day from House of Ollichon!

Photography by Kitty Wheeler Shaw

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