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Bride of Ollichon - Emily

Posted by Abby Summerville on

Having been married before, Emily didn't want to go down the wedding dress path, or even step into a boutique, so she bought her whole wedding outfit online, teaming the HoO Thomas skirt with a top from Rasbery Pavlova!

How long have you been together?

Jared and I will have been together for three years at Christmas time. 

Who proposed to who?

Jared proposed to me on a very rainy dog walk on the old Deeside Railway Line. Totally unexpected, although we did have a baby last year and moved house, so I guess maybe it was inevitable at some point!

Where did you get married?

We got married at The Maryculter House Hotel which is just across the river from where we live and pretty much where he proposed.

What was your inspiration to go dress-less?

We have both been married before, and I just didn’t want to go the traditional wedding dress boutique route. I was also keen not to spend a fortune on a dress/outfit but while I did lots of high street online browsing, there wasn’t anything that caught my eye. I found both HoO and the boutique who supplied my top through notonthehighstreet,com. To be honest, if I’d had enough time I would have loved to come to London to your pop up shop in the hotel but with a toddler in tow I’m not sure it would have been much fun for anyone! Jared is much better at fashion than me and he said he liked the waterfall style (if that’s what it is called) where it’s longer at the back than the front, so that’s what I concentrated on looking for.

How did you feel in your outfit?

I loved my outfit. With the top and skirt coming from two different boutiques, there was a chance it wasn’t going to work…but I felt like it did and I got lots of compliments. Mind you, I don’t suppose people tell you you don’t look great on your wedding day! However, I felt good and I guess that’s what matters!

Best buy?

15 hours of a personal nanny for our 15 month old! Amazing :)

Biggest surprise?

I’m not sure there was a ‘biggest surprise’ at the wedding to be honest. That’ll be the control freak in me! Jared did give me his Mum’s engagement ring. She passed away a few years ago and sadly I didn’t get to meet her so it was very touching that he (and his family) felt that I should be given this very special ring.

Did anything not go to plan?!

I don’t think there was anything that didn’t go to plan. We should have ordered a smaller cake as not much got eaten at the wedding - just as well I don’t still have to fit into my skirt :)

Best moment?

Despite thinking I’d be quite nervous, I loved saying my vows. I think second time around there’s a certain certainty about what you are doing and why - for us anyway. We now have three children together (two from my previous marriage) so the commitment is huge for both of us.

What did you family and friends think about your outfit?

I got lots of compliments. Most people thought it was a dress so it obviously looked like it should go together

Will you wear it again?

I would love to wear the skirt again. I’m not sure, we’ll see. I do plan to wear the top again (although it came from another boutique) with jeans in the summer.


I have recommended HoO to lots of people already and will continue to do so. Communication with Hannah was great, she gave great advice and the skirt came much faster than expected. Little touches like including a lucky sixpence made it really special - I taped it to the bottom of my shoe :) 

photography by Scott Hogg Photography

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