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Bride of Ollichon - Dot

Posted by Abby Summerville on

Dot | Fierce in Floral

How long have you been together?

We’ve been together 6 years I think! Now we have a wedding anniversary I promise to keep track!

Who proposed to who? 

Lew proposed on New Year’s Eve at midnight at the Minster in York, my beloved home town. I was so surprised I thought he was joking!

Where did you get married? 

We got married at One Church Brighton. They have 2 buildings so our reception was also at One Church!

What was your inspiration to go dress-less? 

I love jumpsuits! They’re elegant and practical and I always feel great wearing one so as soon as I started looking for outfits, a jumpsuit was my goal! I tried a couple of dresses on and felt so uncomfortable so finding House of Ollichon was just an amazing experience.

How did you feel in your outfit? 

I just felt great. I felt slim and elegant and totally completely myself. The material Hannah used was cool and soft and as soon as you step into it you love the experience of wearing it, before you’ve even seen yourself in a mirror!! I’m glad I opted to design something with Hannah too, the lace we found was so different from the traditional white, needless to say I was very happy!

Best buy? 

Between my jumpsuit and my lovely gold Esska shoes and our food (East African street food from Kitgum Kitchen) I was really pleased with the quality of everything at our wedding. We wanted to stick to local people and small businesses as much as possible and everything from our outfits to the food, photography, a lot of the booze and of course our Ceilidh band came from local or UK based suppliers.

Biggest surprise? 

Our friends put together a band and played music that reminded them of us inviting lots of our friends and family to perform with them! Incredible effort. I wept with joy through some of it!

Did anything not go to plan?! 

Storm Hannah (ironically!) wasn’t quite planned but everything was inside and the windy pictures on the beach are just amazing! Even if we did freeze the wedding party a little! Haha

Best moment? 

I think my favourite thing was just looking round and seeing our guests beaming all day! From peeking into the church before walking down the isle and hearing the noise of everyone already having fun and catching up to singing power ballads in our ceremony to amazing speeches and Ceilidh dancing everyone just grinned! We were so glad they were having as much fun as we were!

What did your family and friends and other half think about your outfit? 

Lewis loved it. They all loved it. I got so many complements! Everyone likes how different it is in particular. My teenage cousin said that it inspired her to wear a jumpsuit to her school prom even! I really enjoyed showing that a wedding outfit can be more than the traditional long white dress.

Will you wear it again? 

I’d love to! Maybe to a fancy ball or event if I even get invited to one!


Working with House of Ollichon was a truly wonderful experience. From walking into the studio I felt comfortable, listened to and understood. Hannah was a joy and I loved how she looked after my mum, including her in the design process, valuing her suggestions and remembering exactly how she liked her tea every time! I’m so grateful the House of Ollichon were willing to make something bespoke and meet me so many times to get it right. I’m not the kind of girl that ever imagined my wedding. I am sporty and active and strong and I didn’t see myself as a dainty bride! I think the best thing about House of Ollichon is that they work with who you are and make you look great as yourself - long may it continue!

Photography by Tora Baker

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