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Bride of Ollichon - Caroline

Posted by Abby Summerville on

Caroline | Beautiful in blush 

How long have you been together?

18 years! After two kids, a mad Labrador and four house renovations, we finally got around to tying the knot.

Who proposed to who?

It was more of a proposal by proxy. We were at dinner with friends and they press-ganged us into naming the day! On a whim I said I’d like to elope to Sweden – I’m a total Scandiphile so it seemed the perfect setting.

Where did you get married? 

At the City Hall in Stockholm

What was your inspiration to go dress-less?

I wanted something that little bit different for my civil ceremony. My Watkins blush skirt and matching top felt elegant and timeless – and the bonus of separates was that I could wear both pieces again.

How did you hear about House of Ollichon?

I was randomly Googling ‘bridal separates’ and my outfit popped up. It was the only place I visited – I tried the skirt on first and was instantly sold!

How did you feel in your outfit?

I absolutely loved it! I was a little nervous about having a crop top, so Hannah designed it with a slightly longer lace overlay – it still gave the illusion of separates, but with a little more cover-up. I loved the swishy waterfall design of the skirt, it was so flattering and felt really old-school glamour

Best buy? 

My shoes! I’d really struggled to find an elegant nude pair to match my outfit and ended up buying my heels in a panic the day before we flew to Stockholm. I burst out laughing when the shop assistant suggested them as they looked like ‘sparkly princess’ shoes – not at all what I’d had in mind. But they were really comfortable and suited my outfit perfectly – plus they were a bargain!

Biggest surprise?

My bouquet. We were staying on one of the islands on the archipelago and there was just one small local florist. Given the language barrier, it was really tricky to convey the rustic look I wanted. But when I saw the flowers the morning of the wedding, I was completely blown away – they were stunning, and better than anything I’d imagined.

Did anything not go to plan?!

We needed to catch a boat to the city centre for the ceremony and were running a bit behind. As we made our way down to the jetty, we spotted the little ferry coming in – I had to hitch up my skirt and make a run for it in 6inch stilettos. We caught it – just – and it certainly got rid of any wedding nerves.

Best moment?

Getting a hug from my two sons after the ceremony. My youngest, Gabe, was quite emotional and it was such a special moment standing there as a family in beautiful surroundings. Also, walking through Stockholm in our wedding outfits felt pretty amazing; we attracted a fair few stares and a lot of smiles!

What did Stewart, your family and friends think about your outfit?

We married in secret, with just our close friends as witnesses, so after the ceremony we WhatsApped a picture to everyone back home. Once everyone had got over the surprise, I had so many compliments about my House of Ollichon outfit – everyone thought it was really unique. Stewart loved it too – I think he was most surprised that I’d managed to keep it under wraps.

Will you wear it again?

Already have! We held a party in the garden two weeks later and I wore my Watkins skirt, together with a matching blush sweater. It felt very ‘boho’ and I’ll definitely wear it again.


I was really nervous about getting my outfit right; I didn’t want anything too ‘bridal’, but at the same time I wanted something that felt special enough for my wedding day. Hannah was so reassuring right from the start and went that extra mile to tailor the pieces to suit me, so that I felt that I had my very own bespoke outfit. I’d envisaged months of traipsing around trying to find The One – but I found the perfect outfit on my first go. I can’t recommend Hannah, or House of Ollichon, highly enough.

Photography by Liam Warton

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