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Bride of Ollichon - Libby

Libby | Classic eleganceHow long have you been together?James and I have been together around 5 years. We met through an online dating site. He was living in Norway and I was living in Glasgow. We had been dating for a month or so when we were both offered work transfers to London. It was fate.Who proposed to who?James proposed [...]

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Bride of Ollichon - Saskia

Saskia | Classic in the Linford jumpsuit with a flower crown adding a boho vibe!How long have you been together?5 yearsWho proposed to who? We both proposed to each other at the same time! On our 4 year anniversary away in Italy we clearly both had the same bright idea – it left us in hysterics and kind of proved that it [...]

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Bride of Ollichon - Melissa

With a baby on the way, it was important for Melissa to feel comfortable and not restricted by her wedding outfit, we happily worked around her beautiful bump to achieve this!How long have you been together?1 year and 3 monthsWho proposed to who?Kwesi proposed in Barcelona last MayWhere did you get married?Old Marylebone Town Hall and the Union [...]

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Bride of Ollichon - Claire

Claire | WILD!How long have you been together? 12 yearsWho proposed to who? I proposed to Chris in April 2016 (a leap year!) at the top of Sydney Harbour BridgeWhere did you get married? BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, GatesheadWhat was your inspiration to go dress-less? I could never see myself in a traditional wedding dress, and they're not at all my style. I actually really [...]

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Bride of Ollichon - Caroline

Caroline | Beautiful in blush How long have you been together?18 years! After two kids, a mad Labrador and four house renovations, we finally got around to tying the knot.Who proposed to who?It was more of a proposal by proxy. We were at dinner with friends and they press-ganged us into naming the day! On a whim I [...]

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Bride of Ollichon - Isla

A wedding with Alpacas, two brides and a jumpsuit! Isla chose the Lowry jumpsuit with the Chung detachable skirt.How long have you been together?We have been together for six and half years.Who proposed to who? Laura proposed to me after a nice meal out (in my car as I am not a fan of public proposals)Where did you get married? Ednam [...]

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Bride of Ollichon - Becky

It was quite a journey for Becky to visit us at the House of Ollichon studio, we are thrilled that it was worth it!  Becky wore the Torres palazzo pants and McNamara topHow long have you been together? It's 13 years now, we were together for 11 years before I proposed.Who proposed to who? I proposed to Paul (on New Years' Eve [...]

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Bride of Ollichon - Evelina

We are kicking off 2019 with the fabulous wedding of Evelina and Clara!  How long have you been together?We have been together for just under 4.5 years, but we actually first met in October 2008. I was taking part in an exchange programme with the school Clara attended to (I'm Swedish and Clara's Spanish). We were each other's first [...]

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Bride of Ollichon - Danielle

With an unexpected flash mob and a couple of scarecrows - Danielle and Shelley's wedding day was full of surprises!Danielle chose the Hammond skirt and the McNamara top.How long have you been together?5 yearsWho proposed to who?Shelley proposed to me on the beach at Sand Bay ( near Weston-Super-Mare) in the same spot we had decided to officially be [...]

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Bride of Ollichon - Michelle

For Michelle it was about comfort, feeling herself and the ability to dance in her wedding outfit...The Le Fay top and skirt ticked all the boxes!How long have you been together?Myself & Paul have been together for 6 yearsWho proposed to who?Paul proposed to me on Christmas Day last yearWhere did you get married?We got married at The Cowshed at Woodhall [...]

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