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Bride of Ollichon - Petra

Posted by Abby Summerville on

Petra | Elegant

How long have you been together?

Ralph and I had been together for 20 years when he proposed to me. We were in Brighton for my 50th birthday - we stayed in a hotel that we had visited 20 years earlier. We had taken our daughter, Ralph's daughter and our grandson to the races and been out for a family meal in the evening. The following day, before going home Ralph suggested that we went shopping (unheard of but he had been full of surprises this week) We got into the Laines and he asked if i wanted a ring to fill my fingers (I had at that time a ring on every finger and thumb except the finger on my left hand.) When we chose the ring I sent a text to family and friends asking if they liked my new ring and all my fingers were filled. Only my most astute friends got it!

Where did you get married?

As soon as we were engaged we needed to sort a date. Both of us are primary school teachers so it needed to coincide with the school holidays. I had a friend getting married in May so we looked at summer. We couldn't do it at the beginning as our daughter was on tour with her choir. A lot of venues wanted a full day whereas we knew that we only wanted a small ceremony - immediate family and my closest friends. We got married on Friday 31st August in Dunstable registry office. We then walked through Dunstable to an amazing restaurant - Chez Jerome that opened just for us.

What was your inspiration to go dress-less?

I knew that I didn't want to wear a dress. (I don't own many dresses and don't do fussy) I had recently lost nearly two stone but often struggle to get things to fit as my top half had always been larger than my bottom - sometimes up to two sizes. I thought that I would have to go for separates.  I have been married before and I am older and wiser and this was a celebration. The first thing I bought were my Dr Martens (brilliant bargain from ebay). I then started searching online for separates and I came across House of Ollichon. I asked my 3 closest friends if they wanted to come with me so my daughter joined us and we travelled to London.

I tried on quite a few outfits and all were amazing. Some were more me and some legs of trousers were too wide - I have quite slim legs. I loved the jump suit but it had holes in the side which concerned me as did the lower back. Being of a certain age I only wear swimming costumes and did not want my pasty sides to be exposed! Nothing I asked seemed to be too much. Then I tried on the cape - oh my goodness! I fell in love with it. I had seen it online but the picture did not do it justice. It added a certain special something to the outfit. I did not keep it on all night as my dancing became a little extravagant! The whole experience at the studio was brilliant and when i returned for a fitting (with mum and daughter) the whole wonderful time continued - it brought tears to my mum's eyes. It fitted perfectly.

How did you feel in your outfit?

The whole night I felt comfortable and had so many wonderful comments about my outfit. I did not want to look overly dressed but still wanted to feel special and the whole outfit fitted beautifully. 

Any wonderful memories? 

The way my daughter and I danced/strutted down the aisle to 'Caravan of Love', laughing out loud at Ralph's middle name, sharing the special day with my nearest and dearest, Dancing the night away with family and friends, having a gatecrasher at the party that was escorted from the venue.


I would not hesitate in recommending House of Ollichon - I am an older bride and they listened and also encouraged me to try things on and any alterations that I requested were not too much - I could not have been happier.

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