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Brides of Ollichon - Naomi & Jade

Posted by Hannah Ollichon on

Who proposed to who?

One December evening Jade took me to one of my favourite restaurants Busaba in Shoreditch, where we went on our very first date. To my surprise, during dinner a five piece gospel choir appeared singing Beyoncé’s song XO (it’s one my faves!). She then got down on one knee and proposed. After I said yes, the choir sang 'We Found Love In a Hopeless Place' by Rihanna, which is the song we dance crazily to whenever we’re on a night out. You could say it’s our song!

How long have you guys been together?

We’ve been together for five and a half years.

Where did you meet?

We met at Pride Festival, London (2011) in Soho. We passed by one another in a bar and it's an old cliche / rather cheesy but we simply looked at one another and knew “this is going to be one special girl in my life”.

Where did you get married?

We got married at Islington Town Hall and our reception was at Stour Space Art Gallery in Hackney Wick.

What was your inspiration to go dress-less?

For both of us, wearing dresses isn’t something that we do on a day-to-day basis or feel that comfortable in. We've been known to ‘dress up’ for special occasions in the past but we never really feel ourselves and have to fake it until we make it! So for our big day we both knew that we didn’t want to feel that way but wanted to simply feel like us. We wanted the day to feel real, true to who we are and most of all, relaxed. Going dress-less definitely helped us achieve all those things.

How did you feel in the Drakeford?

I felt amazing in the Drakeford! Words can’t describe how lovely it felt to be wearing something that made me feel pretty, special, comfortable and relaxed all in one! For someone like me who doesn’t like wearing dresses, the search to find something was quite stressful. I remember the feeling of how simply walking past a wedding dress shop would send me into a state of panic! I avoided them at all costs. To then finally find House of Ollichon and my Drakeford outfit, was overwhelmingly the best feeling ever :) all my anxieties washed away and I felt all dressed up in love. I felt like me.

TIP for brides to be: don’t underestimate the importance of what you wear on your wedding day and how good it should make you feel.

Tell us more about Jade's jacket story?

Jade is creative. Growing up she studied Art and went to Central St. Martins to do her degree. She learnt all about the amazing artists of past and present, in particular being drawn towards William Morris. Not only for his incredible designs but also for his ethos of “Art for all” which matched her feeling of love for all. A few years ago she came across a picture of George Harrison wearing a William Morris jacket designed by John Pearse, and from that moment knew that’s what she wanted to get married in; a jacket that represented who she was as a person, by an artist whom she felt passionate about and that carried a great story. She struggled to find a tailor who could achieve this but Hannah kindly spoke to her tailor (Mandy) who fortunately for Jade was up for the challenge. With only a few months to go before the wedding, Mandy bought Jades dream jacket to life.

What did you family and friends think about your outfits?

Our family and friends loved our outfits! We had lots of compliments saying how lovely we both looked as well as how relaxed we seemed which of course was thanks what we wore! Everyone said our outfits and the whole wedding day felt very much like us and thats exactly what we were after.

Will you both wear them again?

We’d both love to wear our outfits again - wedding anniversary party every year?! I think because of the styles we chose we could definitely wear a piece of the outfits again to a special occasion, maybe the Drakeford culottes with a t-shirt and Jades jacket with a different style shirt would be cool.


We would recommend House of Ollichon to anyone! Especially to those looking for something non - traditional. Hannah made us feel so relaxed from the first moment we met. Trying on all the different outfits was super enjoyable and she was great at helping us feel at ease throughout the whole process. Hannah has a great eye for style and detail as well as being open to suggestions, to help create a more bespoke design if it helps you feel more comfortable! Both of our outfits were stunning and perfectly tailored - thanks Mandy! We can’t speak highly enough of House of Ollichon. There’s such a great range to choose from if you’re not big into dresses and you’ll love Hannah, in the words of Tina Turner: She’s simply the best :) 

Photographs thanks to wedding photographer 

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