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Bride of Ollichon - Liz

Posted by Hannah Ollichon on

Lovely Liz had not just one but two House of Ollichon pieces for her wedding day! She opted for the Le Fay for the main ceremony and the Siddell playsuit for party time.

How long have you guys been together?

We've been together for just over a decade now!

Where did you meet?

At my sixth form leavers' ball, just before heading off to university; oddly we're both from the same town, but had gone to different schools and not met before then.

Where did you get married?

We chose South London which has been our home for a few years now. Our ceremony was at Asylum Chapel in Peckham and then our reception was just down the road in the Camberwell Arms - a fantastic gastropub which is one of our favourite restaurants.

What was your inspiration to go dress-less?

I had gone to a couple of bridal boutiques and really struggled to find anything that was really 'me'. The dresses were beautiful but very fussy and I kept tripping up over all the fabric of, what I was assured were, very small trains! We wanted a really relaxed day, with nothing too formal, so nothing I tried on really matched that vision.

How did you feel in your outfits and how did the ‘change for the evening’ go?

Both pieces were so beautiful and exceeded my expectations. Plus the fit was brilliant - particularly for the skirt which sat on my waist perfectly. I felt so comfortable, stylish and confident in both and so could just really focus on enjoying the day.

I changed into the Siddell after our first dance when the evening was just getting going. It was great to have a second outfit lined up, particularly as it was a very different look and, paired with trainers, meant I was able to get fully involved.

Best buy?

Difficult! I love both pieces so much, but they are very different. I think the Le Fay probably just about wins out as it is such a perfect re-imagining of a more traditional wedding dress and I love a high-waisted skirt. I had so much fun wearing the Siddell though

Biggest surprise?

Nothing! Everything went so smoothly - no dramas, or curveballs - just an excellent day :)

What did you family and friends think about your outfits?

I received lots of compliments - everyone loved them. I think some people had been a bit dubious when I had told them about the playsuit, but it went down a treat. Even my mum and mother-in-law gave their approval!

Will you wear them again?

I certainly intend to! Given the Le Fay is a two piece, I have a lot of mix and match options.


I had such a great experience with House of Ollichon right from the outset. The initial try on day was great fun and such a contrast from the boutiques I had tried previously. Hannah was very friendly and welcoming, and immediately put me and my party at ease. The atmosphere was so relaxed and I could try on as many pieces as I wanted. She gave great advice but there was absolutely no pressure at all. I loved so many of the pieces and was really unsure whether to opt for a jumpsuit or two piece, but Hannah was incredibly patient and accommodating as I made up my mind! The whole process was just so easy and relaxed and it was great to have such a personal touch with all my interactions with Hannah. I genuinely couldn't recommend House of Ollichon highly enough and think it is such a refreshing addition to the bridal market.

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