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Bride of Ollichon - Kate

Posted by Hannah Ollichon on

Our second Las Vegas wedding at House of Ollichon was nailed by the gorgeous Kate!

Kate and Seth got hitched on May 16th in Las Vegas's Valley of Fire. After they drove back from the desert they enjoyed a buffet at the famous Paris Hotel with their 29 guests with bottomless prosecco!

We hired lots of different people rather than a package and it's worth mentioning that we had a wedding officiant who we hired freelance - Bonnie Sanchez - she was so down to earth and tailored the ceremony in the desert to an informal and fun ceremony.

What’s your husband's name and how did he propose?

Seth's American and we'd come to a joint decision after five years together to get married so he can have a shot at coming to live in the UK (we'd been living abroad in China for three years teaching English). From that we planned our wedding in less than three months! A month before the wedding we went on holiday to a small island off the East coast of North Carolina called Emerald Isle - we were looking for sharks' teeth (they often wash up there) and Seth said 'I found one!'....I turned around and instead he had a ring between two shells to propose. We already had the whole thing booked so he's glad I said yes ;)

What made you opt for a jumpsuit?

I never wear dresses nor girly clothes so I just knew I wanted a jumpsuit (it would be weird to wear a dress when I hardly ever do in normal life) but also I thought it was more original and appropriate for our non-traditional wedding!

How did you find House of Ollichon?

Google searching: HoO was the only site I could find with actual bridal jumpsuits (rather than adapting a high-street one) and funnily enough, the Yorath was the one I thought I would never go for, but as soon as I put it on I knew it was the one.

What did your husband think of you not wearing a traditional dress?

He was so happy with it - he knows that vibe goes more with my personality and that I would look lovely whatever it was.

What did the bridesmaids wear?

A combination of pieces from Zara and Asos and one from Netaporter - we gave them a colour scheme (the bridesmaid's suggestion!) of pastels....everyone looked gorgeous.

Best buy? 

The Yorath of course! But also the permit for the Valley of Fire State Park - the red rock was perfect with the jumpsuit.

First dance song? 

We didn't have a first dance! Or a cake! But we did have prosecco in the desert with a Spanish Flamenco player (that counts kind of!). We did dance to 'Hitting the casino floor' with everyone after the reception - I won $100!

Will you wear your jumpsuit again? 

If I every renew my vows then definitely. I would want to save it for that.


Hannah turned around the jumpsuit in under a month before I flew to America - although some of the samples didn't fit straight away as I'm 6ft, she added an extra inch to the length and to the halter neck to make it all work! It's a great alternative for those who want a low-pressure environment without having to fit the stereotype of your average bride. You can be whatever bride you like at House of Ollichon!

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