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Bride of Ollichon - Jen

Posted by Hannah Ollichon on

Jen and Melissa got married on Saturday 8th April at Leasowe Castle, Wirral. They married in a chapel style room called The Keep with beautiful church benches and candelabras followed by the reception in the Castle Suite.

Who and how did you propose? (We love this proposal story! Sometimes things don't go to plan...)

My wife's name is Melissa and she didn't propose; I did! I took her out her out for a meal at our favourite tapas restaurant in our village and tried to propose over the table however I lost my bottle during the meal as I thought others in the restaurant were sitting too close and I wanted us to have a bit more privacy on our special moment. After we had finished eating I took her on a stroll through the village home hoping that a bench would be a romantic place to "pop the question". However, an elderly gentleman had commandeered the bench resting his feet from a walk with his dog. We carried on home; I was running out of ideas and running out steps left before we got to our front door! Devastated I hadn't asked her we arrived home we were greeted by our two dogs Rufus and Pepper. Suddenly, it struck me; I put one of our favourite songs on and we danced. Obviously, I was doing my best to impress with my dance moves but then I went into a position that she wasn't that familiar with. Mel saw me on one knee, looking up at her holding an open ring box. She burst into tears of joy and left me kneeling there for what felt like an eternity before answering a resounding, "Yes!"

What made you decided to go for an alternative?

Mel had her heart set on wearing a dress. She wears them on nights out and special occasions but for me I'm always more comfortable in trousers. I made up my mind pretty early on that I wanted to feel comfortable on my wedding day. This is why I sought out alternatives to the traditional wedding dress.

I did a search via Google on the Internet and stumbled across HoO website. I fell in love with the designs and particularly the Linford jumpsuit I ended up buying and wearing on my special day.

What did your bride think of your outfit?

Mel loved the idea of me wearing something different. This wedding was going to be very different to the traditional approach anyway so why not make it extra "non-traditional"? She told me that as long as I didn't look like a boy she'd finish walking down the aisle towards me! If she made a u-turn half way down that meant she didn't like it! Luckily enough for me I must have looking pretty darn good and not, thank god, like a boy and hence her saying, "I do".

What did your bridesmaids wear?

The bridesmaids wore Royal blue dresses that we found on eBay. They looked good and it was a good way of keeping the costs down on our big day.

First dance?

Our first dance song was called, "Then" by Brad Paisley. The lyrics mean a lot to us and especially about how we first met and fell in love.

What did your guests think of your outfit?

Lots of our guests commented on how amazing the jumpsuit looked and even some of the girls said that they would now contemplate wearing a bridal jumpsuit on their wedding day rather than a dress. Personally I would wear it again, perhaps dye it to go to a special occasion or on a night out.


Shopping with House of Ollichon was fab. Hannah communicated so well. Numerous emails were sent back and forth and I was never waiting long at all for a response from her. I was updated on the progress of my jumpsuit every few weeks. Hannah let me know when she was nearly finished and when to expect delivery. The packaging was lovely. A gorgeous box and a lucky sixpence enclosed for good luck. This I attached secretively to my bouquet on the day. I can't speak highly enough of HoO and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who was getting married or thinking of finding a great alternative to the traditional wedding dress. Thank you so much to HoO!

Huge thanks to photographer Joe Bickerton.

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