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Bride of Ollichon - Emily

Posted by Hannah Ollichon on

We were honoured to work with the beautiful Emily on her wedding outfit. Our fave part of this wedding was that Emily's husband Greg was convinced she was going for a jumpsuit, so much so, he wrote down his prediction, sealed it in an envelope which Em was allowed to open on the big day. Greg- we love your alternative vibe but hope you loved her two piece! 

What’s your husbands name and how did he propose?

His name is Greg and he proposed whilst we were out kayaking on a beautiful lake in Portugal in September 2015.

What made you opt for a two piece?

I am not exactly sure when I decided this, but I was very set on it as I didn’t set foot in a wedding dress shop and the only things I tried on were the House of Ollichon pieces I ended up wearing! I wanted to be comfortable and relaxed and to look just like a ‘better’ version of my usual self, so the idea of a big dress didn’t ever feel right.

How did you find HoO?

A colleague at work who went to school with Hannah mentioned House of Ollichon when she saw it launched on Facebook. I saved the link as I thought it was so lovely and different. Then when it came to planning my wedding, I got in touch with Hannah and went to one of the try on sessions. I tried on the Le Fay top and skirt, which were both lovely but I knew I wanted something floor length. Luckily the Stevenson was already in development. Finally, I love dancing and liked the idea of having a longer top for that part of the evening so I could throw my arms around without showing too much of tummy – the Dimmock was born! (The Dimmock is named after Emily's maiden name.)

What did your husband think of you not wearing a traditional dress?

Before the wedding, Greg said he was 100% convinced that he knew what I was going to wear. We walked down the aisle together and when I walked in the first thing he said to me was “Ahhh I’m wrong – I thought it would be a jumpsuit!” so the fact I wasn’t in a dress wasn’t a total surprise. He absolutely loved all three pieces.

What did the bridesmaids wear?

I started off thinking I didn’t want bridesmaids, as I wasn’t keen on making my best friends and sisters all dress the same – they are all so different and have different sense of styles. But once they had planned an amazing hen weekend in Budapest, arranged yoga and a lovely brunch the morning of the wedding and had agreed to walk down the aisle before me, I realised they were basically bridesmaids! They all wore exactly what they wanted, which just so happened to all be dresses and jumpsuits from Whistles – my sister Jane a bright orange dress and friend Emily a black silk cropped jumpsuit - and Finery – my other sister Clare wore a silk champagne jumpsuit, Helen a navy velvet jumpsuit and Tash a multi-coloured dress. Then they all wore flower corsages on their wrists, which I thought was a nice modern twist on the buttonholes ushers usually wear. Needless to say, they all looked incredible.

What was your best buy?

My House of Ollichon pieces of course! Plus I absolutely loved my hair piece – I didn’t want anything floral and found it quite hard to find the right thing. Jennifer Behr’s Gold Orion Circlet was absolutely perfect – it has tiny Swarovski stars that caught the light and I think it worked really well with my House of Ollichon pieces.

First dance song?

Father John Misty’s Chateau Lobby #4

Best bit of the day?

That the whole day worked out exactly how we wanted it to – fun, relaxed and no stresses. It was such a happy day for us both - I actually had a cheek spasm at one point I was smiling so much! So many highlights, it is impossible to pick one - from yoga and brunch with my bridesmaids to finishing at 2am dancing with everyone to LCD Soundsystem’s All My Friends, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.


Biggest surprise?

That I wore a crop top! And how much I enjoyed giving my speech - I don’t love public speaking but I think I would have regretted not standing up and having my say! And also the flowers – a university friend who now has her own flower business, Jennifer Pinder, did them. Her brief from us was ‘Do whatever you think best’ so I had no idea what they were going to look like and she absolutely nailed.


Will you wear your pieces again?

I will definitely wear the tops again, I think they would both look great with jeans or a bright skirt.


"Hannah is a dream, she is so warm and friendly, which made the whole experience so enjoyable. The try on sessions are so relaxed and fun, free of all the horror stories I have heard about wedding dress shops. Hannah has a great eye for detail that makes all the difference – the gold fixings on the Dimmock, the pockets on the Stevenson. Also, I was a little nervous about showing my tummy, so she tweaked the Le Fay so that it fitted exactly how I wanted it to, cut slightly lower at the front. I absolutely loved my pieces, they were perfect."

Huge thanks to talented photographer Elizabeth Alice Holt for using her images.

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