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Bride of Ollichon - Lucie

Posted by Abby Summerville on

Lucie and Olivia came up with the idea on the way home from a trip that a quiet personal wedding on the beautiful island of Hawaii was in order and started planning it from there!

Who proposed to who?

There was no proposal... We've been inseparable since we met and we talked about wanting to get married from the very beginning. We got very excited on a trip back from Portugal when we had the idea to get married in Hawaii... Since then we enjoyed every minute of planning the wedding and the honeymoon all wrapped up in one

What was your inspiration to go dress-less?

Knowing that Olivia was going to be wearing an ivory dress (but not knowing the style of hers) I thought an ivory two piece would complement hers well. I also just loved its' simple design.

Olivia looked absolutely stunning on the day, a perfect vision. ... and the outfits went perfectly together even though we hadn't seen each others until the day.

How did you feel in your outfit?

Pretty darn good! Also, the two piece was lovely and cool on the beach

Best buy? 

The Hawaiian Leis which we put around each other's necks as part of the celebration.  Historically in Hawaii a lei is worn for lots of important life occasions. Giving someone a lei is way of showing affection, respect, gratitude and love. They look and smell beautiful too!

Biggest surprise?

The volcanic eruption which meant we were evacuated from The Big Island!

Did anything not go to plan?!

Haha....yes...just a few things...first of all we (somehow!?!?) forgot to take our birth certificates with us to Hawaii, which we needed for the marriage licence, meaning my mum had to send them over in an emergency! They got there just in time.  Then one of the airlines for an internal flight in Hawaii went bankrupt... but we didn't know until we had turned up expecting to get on the flight!  Finally, the day we flew into the Big Island was the day of multiple earth quakes and the biggest Kilauea volcanic eruption in decades... The area we were staying in was evacuated and we had to find alternative accommodation and flew to another island the next day. It was all very dramatic hearing the evacuation notice over a crackly radio.

So lots didn't go to plan... But it was all fun and games and we laughed the whole time!

Best moment?

When we knew we were wives!

What did your family and friends and WIFE think about your outfit?

Olivia: "When I saw Lucie in her two piece, she took my breath away. She was absolutely stunning and it suited her perfectly. I think we'll be putting on our dresses again at some point and wearing them around the house, just to have the pleasure of having them on again! She said such lovely things about the process of choosing it, and to see it after so much eager waiting, I will never forget the moment I opened my eyes and saw her standing there in front of me. Absolutely perfect!

Rachael (Lucies sister):  "Beautiful, classically elegant, stylish, timeless ...the skirt hung beautifully, like it was weighted, swinging effortlessly.  The lace on the top gave an extra dimension to the outfit, bringing a gentleness and delicateness to the most beautiful wedding outfit I've ever seen"

Will you wear it again?

I'll probably get another wear out of the top at least! 

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