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Bride of Ollichon - Angela

Posted by Hannah Ollichon on

We love a festival wedding!!! and Angela and Phil nailed it with glow sticks, sunflowers, 5 music acts, doggy ring bearers, field parties and face glitter.

How long have you been together?

Phil and I have been together for seven and a half years. We met at work when we were both covering for someone else - must have been fate as we never worked together again after that!

Who proposed to who?

Phil proposed to me last year at Main Square Festival in Arras, France. We were in front of the main stage watching the headline act, when I looked to my left and saw that Phil wasn't there...I thought he'd gone to the bar, but then I realised everyone was clapping and cheering, so I looked down and there he was on one knee! I shouted something incomprehensible and he asked me "is that 'idiot' for yes?". Apparently he'd been carrying the ring around for two days and I'd almost found it whilst rooting around in the backpack for hand sanitizer...typical!

Where did you get married?

Officially, we married at a registry office but we don't view that as our real wedding. We had a blessing in Reigate Heath Windmill - it's the only windmill in the world with a church inside, and it's opposite our house. We then walked back over the road to our local pub for lunch with close friends and family, then into our next door neighbour's field for a music festival! We had a stage, five different live acts, six bars, an ice cream van and pizza truck. We didn't have a dress code, table plan, wedding cake, first dance or any wedding-y formality whatsoever :-)

What was your inspiration to go dress-less?

I was panicking about what to wear, as I always knew I didn't want a big princess gown. Apparently, my family and friends were secretly betting that I wouldn't wear a dress at all! I wanted to look pretty - but in a different, more "me" way. And whatever I wore had to be suitable for dancing around a field of course!

How did you feel in your outfit?

This sounds over the top, but for the first time since I was a young child, I wasn't the slightest bit self conscious about what I looked like. I felt confident. I didn't even think that was possible.

(Plus, I had pockets AND I could wear my Converse...winning)

Best buy? (doesn't have to be your HoO outfit!)

It would have to be the face glitter. It was a last minute purchase inspired by a festival I went to two weeks before, and there was actually a queue of people round it! Even some of the men were sporting some impressive designs (perhaps to do with the glitter table's close proximity to the beer tent)

Biggest surprise?

Aside from actually feeling confident for once in my adult life, the biggest surprise was how much everyone enjoyed it! It was such a departure from the traditional wedding that we thought some people (particularly older guests) might find it a bit weird...but they all said it was the best wedding they'd ever been to! With an age range from 12 weeks to 87 years old, that's pretty good going :-)

Did anything not go to plan?!

One of the acts was late because he "forgot the time" (so rock and roll) but it was fine - our neighbours had planned a ridiculous game of musical chairs for a later slot anyway so they just brought that forward.

Best moment?

It's hard to say! It's probably a close call between seeing Phil grinning his face off when I walked in the windmill, and 200 glow sticks being waved around at 1am :-)

The worst moment was taking it all down the next day...I guess that's the problem with doing it all yourself!

What did you family and friends think about your outfit?

Everyone absolutely loved it and wanted to know where it came from. No one had seen bridal separates before! I think one or two friends might have been inspired :-D

Will you wear it again?

Definitely - if I can dye it a different colour :-) I don't usually wear white because I'm ridiculously clumsy!

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