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Bride of Ollichon - Suzan

Posted by Hannah Ollichon on

We are thrilled to feature our first Dutch wedding!! The gorgeous Suzan found us through a hashtag... and who ever said hashtags were a waste of time...? It was actually me, but I've been proved wrong and will never underestimate a #hashtag again!

How long have you and Anke been together?

We met six years ago, we dated for a few months and officially started a relationship on the 20th October 2011.

Who proposed to who?

I proposed to Anke on the 17th December 2015. I wanted to get married for a long time but Anke is a little bit younger than me and as this is her first serious relationship, she wasn't ready yet. Every time I would talk about getting married, Anke would say, "Don't ask me, I'm not ready yet." So I waited and waited, until she changed her mind a view months before the proposal. She talked more about getting married and no longer mentioned that I couldn't ask her anymore. So I felt like it was a sign! I proposed to her by laying out 'Will you marry me?' in Scrabble pieces on our dining table along with a love letter, chocolates, champagne and paper hearts. I have never been more nervous in my life but luckily she said YES!

Where did you get married?

We got married in the gorgeous city where we live: Arnhem (the Netherlands). We found a beautiful place at an old industrial park, surrounded by trees and a sweeping green hill.

What was your inspiration to go dress-less?

A few years ago I found a bridal jumpsuit on Pinterest. I fell in love, but couldn't find anything like it in the Netherlands. Suits for brides are more masculine and dated here.I do wear dresses in the summer but I knew that a jumpsuit would be much more special for my wedding day. I kept it in mind but had already made peace with having to buy a dress. I gave it one last chance by searching for #bridaljumpsuit on Instagram and I found House of Ollichon! I immediately fell in love with the Lowry jumpsuit. It's all I had ever wished for! Really bridal and feminine made with pretty ivory lace and very modern <3.

How did you feel in your outfit?

I felt confident, pretty, special and wonderful.

Best buy? (doesn't have to be your HoO outfit!)

It was my Lowry which matched perfect with my wife's dress, our navy blue high heels and the wildflowers. I don't know where to start. It was all so perfect!

Biggest surprise?

That we were not stressed at all at our wedding. We enjoyed every second and we were all smiles and butterflies. It was so much more special and perfect in every way than we thought it would be.

Did anything not go to plan?!

The weather forecast was horrible for our wedding day, so last minute we had to arrange a 'festival' tent. We were so worried about the weather but in the end it was great. The ceremony took place under the tent and we had a little rain then but for the rest of the day, the weather was perfect!!

Best moment?

The letter Anke wrote for me for the ceremony. Lots of happy tears. It was so special. Normally, I'm the one writing love letters and leaving sweet notes for her. But Anke wrote the most beautiful letter for me! So special.

What did you family and friends think about your outfit?

Everyone loved it. I told people I would be wearing a jumpsuit but only a handful of people had actually seen it before the wedding. Not everyone was sure what to expect when I told them I'd be wearing a bridal jumpsuit but everybody LOVED it. I had lots of compliments and people told me the Lowry was 'so me'.

Will you wear your jumpsuit again?

I'm thinking about taking it to a tailor, removing the sleeves and maybe dye it dark blue so I can wear it again.


Thank you so much for making my dreams come true! The jumpsuit was beautiful and perfect and I loved the package you sent with the lucky penny, fragrance stick and sweet note. I felt so special opening it. Thank you!

Lovely photography thanks to RvM fotografie; Raoul van Meel & Ronald van Maaren. 

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